Is an Explainer Video Really Necessary?

A short answer for that is yes. Actually we have made an explainer video about this topic which you can check out below:


Why should businesses use an explainer video?

A startup or any company whether small, medium, or large should have at least one explainer video for their business. The reason is that we are moving to the mobile age. Almost everyone has easy access to the internet. And what do people do online? They watch lots of videos. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if they prefer to watch a video compared to reading text. That is not to say that text or content is not anymore important. What this means is that it is more effective for businesses to have both texts and videos to help connect to their customers or audience.

It is a great tool to explain a new idea or product

If a company or a start up has a new idea or product that no one has heard of people wouldn’t want to learn about it through reading. They want people to explain it to them. They won’t bother to study it because they don’t even know that they are interested in it yet. An effective explainer video is visually entertaining which captures their attention. It also explains it very well that it’s like some person is explaining it to them. Because explainer videos has no limit but the imagination of the creator, it can represent anything through visual representation.

The online video trend

Online videos has been on the rise since YouTube has been born and it continues to rise until now. According to CISCO 69% of all consumer internet traffic will be video by 2017. It has a way to connect with people and it would be beneficial for companies to harness this ability. It would be good to ride this trend. And this trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

It targets both visual and auditory people

People have different ways to comprehend content. There are some people who prefer visual learning and some people auditory. Explainer videos are good explaining tools because they hit those two types of people. It has entertaining visuals and is accompanied by a voiceover narration.

It improves branding

Just as much as anything else, an explainer video is a company’s brand. It can serve as a face and voice of the company. It can be used to talk to the customers. Having a well made explainer video tells a lot about the company.

To sum it all up

As people having easy access to the internet grows everyday, explainer videos have become more necessary than ever. People now a days prefer to watch a video first before reading the necessary details. By watching an explainer video they get the general idea of your company. It can be used to explain, to sell, to educate, to tell a story or just anything you can imagine to use it for. So is an explainer video really necessary? The answer is a big YES!