5 Easy Steps to An Awesome Video

Step 1 : Script Creation

The very first step is to develop the script. The script is the make or break of the video. What use would be the video if it has a weak script. We will collaborate with you in developing the script. We would study your concept or idea and using our creativity make it into a fun and informative script. If you already have developed the script you can submit it to us and we would review it and give our suggestion. We would be collaborating with you in finalizing a masterpiece script!

Step 2: Storyboarding

The second step is to create the creative concept of the video. That is to draft the storyboard so that you, the client, would be able to know the flow of your video. Collaboration is always a part of the process. We always collaborate with you in every step of the process to make sure that the direction of the video is always tailored to your needs and the storyboard is no exception. We would send to you the storyboard and you can then insert your ideas and make changes to it.

Step 3: Voice over recording

Once the script and storyboard are approved we are now ready to record the voice over. You can choose from our previous videos of the voice talent that you want or you trust us to choose for you. Our voice overs are done by professional voice artists in Canada so even the voice over is top quality.

Step 4: Video Production

Now this is where our magic begins. We would use our expertise in crafting the perfect video for you. We would now integrate the script, storyboard, voice over, sound effects, illustrations and animations into the video.

Step 5: Timely updates

We would update you in a timely manner. We normally use Youtube to give updates. Once we reached a milestone we would immediately let you see it. So from beginning until the end you would have an idea what the final product would look like.

The end is just the beginning!

Through the collaboration of our expert team and you an awesome video is born! Wasn’t that easy? Though the project may have ended, we made a new friend! We make sure our clients experience a lasting customer satisfaction.

Terms of Payment

Down Payment


To get started, a 25% down payment of the estimated total price is required

Milestone 1


Once 50% of the video is finished the other 25% is required

Upon Completion


Once the video is complete and the client is happy the remaining 50% is required

Total Of