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Marvin Te

Creative Director

Jerrick Mosot

Project Manager

Albert Villamor

Motion Graphics Head

Gilbert Siega

Motion Graphics Animator

Megg Arbotante

Lead Designer

Beatriz Jimenez

Storyboard Artist

Fritz Balasico


Krisha Sy

Script Writer

Julie Jay Septimo

3D Artist

Paul Crooks


Richard De Lira

Concept Artist

Marco Deligero

Storyboard Artist

We are a Creative Motion Studio that specializes in explainer videos and motion graphics. We believe in the power of simplicity and that the best designs are simple. But we also believe design should not lack detail and that even the smallest detail has an effect in the bigger picture. Through combining simplicity with detail, we are able to explain, inform and inspire our viewers. We are passionate about our craft, and we will stop at nothing to provide our clients with the best.

Unit #305 Amalgated Capital Inc., Dona Carolina Building Bajada, Davao City Philippines

Why Us?

We offer unlimited revisions to make sure our clients get what they want

We deliver fast and on time because let's face it, the video is useless if not done on time

And lastly we only offer high quality explainer videos and nothing less.