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Transforming a normal wall to a whiteboard wall

  Although we are in a digital world right now, a physical whiteboard is still a necessity for us. I don’t know why, but it just feels different when you write schedules, plans and etc. physically compared to typing. A whiteboard takes too much space, so when we moved to a bigger office, we removed our whiteboard. So now where… Read more →

Ignore or Confront? – Managing workplace anomalies

As a leader you may have encountered work place anomalies. These could be a person who is always late, anxiety between co-workers to co-workers or employees to managers or vice versa, moody employees and other difficult situations. These anomalies could be bothersome but these definitely requires your attention.      As a leader, our decisions are crucial and you maybe… Read more →

10 Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

I’ve had the opportunity to give a talk on Davao City’s prestigious Graphicon 4 event. By the way, Graphicon is a conference that is targeted among graphic designers, animators, or any profession in the graphics industry.  Although my talk was for people with a graphics profession, I think young entrepreneurs would also benefit from this as well. What I am… Read more →

Which is Better a Demo Video or Explainer Video?

There has been a debate lately regarding which is better: Demo Video or Explainer Video? For those who are not familiar with the term, Demo Videos are those videos that are either the companies CEO explaining what the product is about or customers sharing what they feel about the product in front of the camera. Explainer Videos on the other… Read more →