Is the golden era of Explainer Videos over?


Is the golden era of Explainer video over? It’s a question I have been pondering the last few months. There was a time where the supply of explainer videos are low and the demand very high but now you see lots of explainer videos everywhere.

So is the golden era over? Maybe.

Like with any industry one has to adapt to stay in the game. Explainer videos need to evolve. Lots of explainer videos are being produced but are most of them effective? Probably some, but most are not.

Here’s how you can produce explainer videos and still be relevant.

Don’t sell, inform

In this day and age, you see lots of ads anywhere. And what is the first reaction when you see an ad? That’s right you click the small x button to close it. If you want your explainer to be viewed by people then you should give them value first. Instead of selling, you should teach and give information. If they find that valuable then they would be happy to learn more and hopefully buy.


Match your viewers

Style and design can be subjective. What is good to one person may not be the same with another. It is important to know your audience and match their preferences. The style and mood of your explainer video should match your viewers. This could be the overall look and feel of the video, the tone of the script, the kind of voice actor to hire. This would make your explainer video more relatable and increase the chance of being watched.


Tell an interesting story

Humans are hard wired to love hearing stories. That is why we love going to movies. Instead of selling, tell your story. People would find that more valuable. If you look at the best ads, its not selling the product but its either telling the story of the company or the story of their customers.


Make sure they are on brand

Good explainer videos are on brand. When I say brand I don’t mean logo, colors, or style but what I mean is what the company is, what they stand for, who they are for and at what voice and tone you want your customers to hear. Good explainer videos fit to the overall brand and its more than just aesthetics. You should know first what your voice is and use the explainer to say it.


Don’t use generic templates

Yes generic templates offer a cheap alternative but this would make you look like the rest. A lot of other explainer videos use generic templates without even changing anything. If you want to stand out then don’t use generic templates.


The golden era of explainers maybe over but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to get ahead you just have to do it right.