Six ways entrepreneurs can use explainer videos to improve their business.


Explainer videos can be a powerful tool to connect with people. It can be used to drive sales, empower employees, increase brand awareness, educate and so much more. It has a lot of uses, but it can’t be everything at once. You have to know what your goals are. Explainer videos can solve specific problems in the conversion funnel. Here are ways you can use explainer videos to improve your business.


1. Share your brand’s purpose and values.

"People don't buy what you do they buy why you do it"
- Simon Sinek

People buy on emotions; they buy why you do it. If done correctly, videos can make you feel something. People consume more on videos than any other media, which makes an explainer video a perfect tool to tell people why you do what you do. Big brands like to produce videos like these because they know this would help them down the line. 



2. Homepage video or sales presentation

One of the primary uses of explainer videos is to place it on your homepage. It can also help in a sales presentation. While a homepage and a sales presentation are not the same, they have the same goal which is to increase conversion rates. In this phase in the sales cycle, the prospect already has an interest in buying the product or service and what an explainer video can help with is to show your business can help them and what makes you different than competitors. Take note that an explainer video can never replace a real live interaction, but it can significantly improve the sales process. 



3. Explaining a complex business idea

If you have a very complicated business idea, chances are only a few can understand it. And if they can’t understand it, chances are they’re not going to buy. There are a lot of ways that can help solve this problem, and an explainer video is one of them. And if you can successfully help people understand, then you just pushed them one step down into the funnel.



4. Generate interest around a product or service

Videos are entertaining to watch which is why the majority of a person’s time on the internet is spent on watching videos. You can use short explainer videos to make announcements interesting. You can post a 15 seconds explainer video on social media to capture a viewer’s attention. The key to generating interest is consistency. Plan a series of short explainer videos on social media where your customers are.



5. Educating your customers

If you wanted to be positioned as an expert, then you have to provide value to your audience. Explainer videos do an excellent job at making a complex topic easy to understand. If you can educate your prospect, then it pushes your brand to a higher level. Use explainer videos to teach a subject that is related to your product or industry. Position your business as an expert. 



6. Thank your customers and build relationships

Explainer videos are usually used to acquire new customers, but it can also be used to build relationships on existing ones. At the end of each sale or transaction is an opportunity to give your customers or users a little extra to delight them. An excellent example of this is facebook’s faceversary. They don’t use this to acquire new users, but they spend tons of money to produce this. Why, because building relationships turn a customer into an advocate. These are people who are loyal to your brand, whose going to help you push your ideas forward.


One thing to remember about explainer videos is as much as possible don’t use it to sell, use it to align goals and strive for clarity. 


Marvin Te is the owner and creative director of Plainly Simple, a motion design studio that crafts strategy driven explainer videos. He has worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world. He is the perfect mix of business and creative. He is also hosting his studio's vlog named studio life.

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