TheFutur Business Bootcamp: Should you join?


I know why you are here. You want to know if TheFutur business bootcamp is worth it. I’m sorry, but my short answer is: it depends.

So you’ll have to read the whole post. 


Before I proceed, I’d like to give you a bit of background about myself. I run a motion design studio. We are based in Davao City, Philippines, a third world country plus the city that I am in is not the capital city. This adds to the obstacles that I am already in. I have been in business for about 7 years as of this posting. Over the years, we have jumped from price point to price point. We started charging around 1,000 USD, and as we got better, we moved up the price but got stuck at 3,000 USD. I wanted to charge 5,000 USD, but there has been a lot of mental barriers going on. Now, we charge more than 5,000 USD thanks to this course.

Who is this for?


First, let me tell you who this course isn’t for. If you already follow TheFutur and have applied the concepts and are doing really well, then this isn’t for you. If you are thinking what’s the point of joining the bootcamp when Chris have already discussed this in their youtube channel, then this isn’t for you. If your body of work is not that good, then this isn’t for you. Build your product first. 

So now, who is this for? This is for businesses or creatives who have a good product or service but still struggle with pricing. This is for introverted business owners who struggle to talk to clients. This is for studios who mastered their craft but somehow is still not viewed as an expert but an order taker. This is for those who know what to do, but somehow there’s a strong internal or external force that’s holding them back. There’s a big difference between those that “know” and those that “do.” I for one used to be one of those who “know” but can’t “do.” Culture runs deep in our system. And sometimes even if we know, we have to be dragged, pushed for us to change. In short, we needed a business coach to kick our butt. Lastly, this is for entrepreneurs who has reached their “glass” ceiling. 

Is this worth it?

The whole course is about 3,995 USD, and if you live in the Philippines that’s a bit steep, no that’s a wormhole! However, if you’re like me, I’m sure you’ll do anything, pay any amount to break your “glass” ceiling. Well, let’s just look at it this way, if you book 1 hour of Chris’ time, that’ll cost you around 1,000 USD. With 3,995 USD, you don’t just get 1 coach but you get 3 (Chris, Matthew, and Ben) and that’s for about 6 - 7 weeks (I’m not really good with math but I’m sure that’s way more hours than 1). For me, that’s worth more than what I could ask. 

Disclaimer: you don’t get a 1 on 1 coaching session, it’s a series of interactive group calls. So if you’re looking for a 1 on 1 coaching session, then this isn’t for you. 

The effect


I’ve always believed that the amount of work and focus you put in, is the number of results you would reap later. It’s the same with this course; if you expect this course to magically transform you without doing the work, then this isn’t for you. So for the duration of the course, I have doubled if not tripled my efforts. We are given weekly assignments which you will do together with a partner via an online call if both of you live far away. I’ve had multiple partners, and almost every day I have a call. The result is, I can converse better, I can diagnose problems better, I don’t talk like I’m reading a script anymore (although my accent still needs a bit more work to sound more international). I got to know many people, listened to their business problems as I have shared mine. I’m more comfortable to say a price before showing a price. I don’t panic anymore when a client has an objection.

Most importantly this course helped me see my inner self and figure out what’s holding me back. In a way, this course feels like business therapy. So if you are willing to put in the work, then you’ll really get a lot out of this course.

What to expect during the course

So what’s going to happen? Each week there’s a lecture call, Chris Do would be the one to give the lecture. It’s an interactive session meaning people may ask questions usually in the middle or at the end of the call. You will also be given assignments which you will work on with a partner. And then there are 2 TA sessions during Fridays which Matthew Encina facilitates during the mornings and Ben Burns in the afternoon. What happens during TA sessions, is that there would be discussions around the assignments, you can also ask questions and concerns. 


So for me, it’s worth it. It allowed me to grow as an entrepreneur. It’s not a one-time thing, the lessons I have learned here are something I can continually apply as I move forward. I hope this review was able to help clear things out whether if this course is for you or not. If you do get this course, I suggest you put in the work, and you’ll get so much from it if you do. Like TheFutur I also want you to succeed in business and life. Good luck!

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