The conversion funnel

A conversion funnel sometimes called a buyer’s journey, are composed of stages your leads go through before they make a purchase. Knowing how they interact with each step is key to engaging them and ultimately turn them into customers. Depending on your challenges, an explainer video can be used in any stage in the conversion funnel.  



This is the stage in which people would get to know you. People buy from who they know. Even if you are the most fantastic company in the world if they don't know you, they won't buy from you. Your goal here is to get people to be aware that you exist. How would people get to know you? Where do you think people will hear about you? Where do you think your customers are usually? 

Video application

We need to make the video short, fun and engaging to increase its chances of being shared. One way of engaging users is to educate them on a topic that is related to your industry. The video should not feel like an ad. Instead, it should deliver value to your potential customers. This could also be an opportunity to share the company's values and beliefs.



Desire is the stage in which people have the interest or intention of buying your product or service. This is the time that people will go to your website or search for you on google. They are interested in knowing details about your product or service and how they can use this to their benefit.

Video application

An explainer video in the desire phase needs to convey how your product or service can solve your customer’s problem. If you have a complex idea, then the explainer would need to explain, what your idea is, how it works and how it can help them. 



After a lead has formed an intent to buy, they will compare products or services first. They are looking for the least risky option. They compare value vs. price. They can either choose you, or your competitor, or not buy at all. They will have objections, and we need to address those.

Video application

An explainer in this phase can highlight the process and how your product and services are different than your competitors. We can also use an explainer to answer all unspoken objections your potential customer may have. We can also tell your customer’s stories and how your product and service helped them.



This is the stage where the actual purchase is made. If it's a physical store, we can make this stage better by how the salesperson interacts with the customer.  If its an online service then this is the onboarding process. The question to ask here is what will you want the customer to feel after making the purchase. Sometimes a buyer would feel regret after making a purchase. This is often called the buyer's remorse. Make sure that the onboarding process is smooth and that the now customer is well taken care of.

Video application

If you have a complicated onboarding process, then an explainer can help your customer understand the process better. Other ways you can utilize a video here is to show a product demo. Show a step by step video on how to use your product or service.



Every business should strive to build a relationship with their customers. Even after the purchase has been made we still need to engage with our customers, this could be in the form of a survey form or a thank you note. People would appreciate a survey form because this means you care and that you are listening to them.

Video application

This could be a video saying thank you to your customers. It can be animated, or it can be a real footage of you saying a thank you message. Some might see this as unnecessary but sometimes going the extra mile to show you care, would go a long way.



This stage is where the magic will happen. Assuming that the customer is happy with the product or service, then this is the opportunity to delight your customers. This is the stage that would transform your
customers into loyal advocates. 

Video application

There are a lot of things you can do at this stage, video or not. You can send gifts, a VIP discount, a happy birthday video, a Christmas video, or a video that would educate them.


Interested to use video to improve your buyer's journey?