Explainer videos that matter.


We help you solve misalignment by getting your message across, so your target customers can see the world the way you see it.


We craft strategy driven explainer videos.


What is strategy?

Strategy is a facilitated discovery call that bridges the gap between you and your target customers. It provides you a 30k ft view of what’s happening in your business. Strategy allows us creatives, to understand your company or brand, and empathize with your customers so that we can bridge the gap and provide solutions to your problems.


Strategy + animation = effective explainers

By first understanding what the company is and who they are for, we are able to create engaging explainer videos that get the message across because that's the hardest part, to be understood. And by combining strategy with high-quality animations, we help brands and businesses communicate what they do, how they are different and why does it matter to their customers.


A targeted video at every stage


Different people have different needs depending on what stage in the buyer’s journey they are in. A video’s execution and tone differ per stage. We can help you uncover at which stage you are struggling and what kind of explainer video would be the perfect fit. 

How we do it

A simple guide on how to make people understand complex topics.


Using time difference to our advantage

We may live at the other side of the world but that doesn't stop us from working effectively and efficiently. In fact we use the time difference to our advantage. How? It's simple. While you sleep we work, and when we sleep you review. By the end of your day when you send your feedback, our day would have just started so we can begin work right away. No time is wasted. 


We are a studio who...


We've worked with hundreds of companies from around the world.


Here's what they say

"I've never worked with a studio who's located overseas before, so I wasn't 100% comfortable at first. But it was clear from Marvin's first email that his team was committed to serving their customers. To put it plain and simple, the people at Plainly Simple are masters of their craft. The only thing better than their lightning fast turn-around time is the quality of their work! Plainly Simple Studios are true professionals, hire them... you won't regret it!"

Tom Wall
CEO of Dairy Coach

"Plainly Simple Studios took our rather complex topic and found a way to make an entertaining and instructive video. It was a pleasure to work with their team. They remained in constant communication throughout the project and gave me regular updates. They were responsive to my input and they had some great suggestions. I would definitely work with them again."

Lisa Senecal
Business Development

"They were able to deliver a script and storyboard that matched the messaging I had in mind without prior knowledge of the industry I am in. They deliver fast and the result is above expectations. The process from start to finish is clear as well as the deliverable. They keep you updated on the process in a timely manner. I am amazed by the quality and creativity. More videos are in the pipeline and will do business again and again. They may not be in the same timezone but they work almost round the clock."

Nevlynn Janssen
Digital Strategist


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