Marvin Te

Founder/Creative Director


In the year 2010, Marvin Te started his career in animation as a freelancer. He was a 4th year college student in Information Technology at Ateneo de Davao University and did freelance animation work during his free time. In 2011, he worked at Piclyf, a startup company in Davao City and 2 months later, he quit his job to focus on his animation career. To cut the story short, he got lots of clients that he had to hire talented animators and designers to help him. He partnered with Jerrick Mosot and formed Plainly Simple.

Now he handles a team of 12 creative and talented individuals. He oversees the creative direction in each project. He is an avid learner. He believes that the wisest people are those who know that they know only so little. He likes to read articles, listen to podcast, play computer games and collect toys. Although his work doesn't involve animation anymore, he cheats a little and still practices animation on his free time.