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Step 1 : Script Creation

The very first step is to have an awesome script. The script is the make or break of your video so this needs to be thought out carefully. We need to consider who is the target audience and what message you want to say to your viewers. You can either write your own script or we can write it for you.

Step 2: 25% Down Payment

Once the script is finalized we can now have a good idea how long the video would be. We can then estimate the total price. We would require a 25% down payment before proceeding further.

Step 3: Storyboard Creation

The storyboard is the overall flow of the video. In this stage you would already have an idea what the video would look like and how it would progress. We will send you a pdf file of the storyboard for your approval in which you can change or remove a panel, make some notes and etc. Collaboration is the key to our every step and the storyboard creation is no exception. Once approved we can then proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Character Design

Choose a style: Vector, Cartoon or Stickman. Or you can look at our portfolio page for reference. Once you have chosen a style we can then make a character design which we would send to you for approval.

Step 5: Voiceover Recording

You can choose for a voice talent from our portfolio as reference, just send us the link. Once the script, storyboard is approved the script will be sent to our voice talents for recording.

Step 6 : Video Production

This is where the magic begins. We will be creating all the illustrations, do the awesome smooth animations, incorporate the voice over and adding sound effects. In short its putting everything together in one awesome video! We will give timely updates through youtube link in which you can comment in each update.

Step 7: Timely Updates

We would update you in a timely manner. We normally use Youtube to give updates. Once we reached a milestone we would immediately let you see it. So from beginning until the end you would have an idea what the final product would look like.

Step 8: The Other 25% Payment

We will continue with the updates and when we reached 50% of the video we would then require the other 25% (making it a total of 50%)

Step 9: Remaining 50% Payment

Once everything is complete and you happy and satisfied with the final product we would then require the remaining 50% (to make it a total of 100%).

Step 10: File Delivery

Once we have received the final payment we would send you a dropbox download link so you can download the file. Our default format is h.264 1080p but if you have a specific format you would like we can deliver that too.