Explainer video process


Phase 1


Before we design or start working, we go into the strategy phase first. We will have a discovery call session and we will identify your key customer personas. We will then map out their buyer's journey and see where in the conversion funnel you would need a video. We will also help you discover key attributes of your brand so we would know how to approach your target audience in terms of tone, mood and design. Lastly we will develop 3 stylescapes so you would know how the video would look like.


Phase 2


Once we have finished strategy, we are now ready for the next part which is pre-production. We will draft the script that is targeted to your customers. Then we will create the storyboard. Based on your feedback on the stylescapes, we will pick 1 frame from the storyboard to create 3 styleframes to choose from. Once you have chosen a styleframe to go for, we will now apply that style to the rest of the storyboard and the output of this is called motionboard.


Phase 3


This is where the fun part begins. We will start with the voice over. We will open an audition and will send you a shortlist of the talent we think fits your project. Once you have chosen we will then have the script recorded. Once we receive the voice over we will now start the animation. We usually divide the animation phase into 4 updates. For example if your video is a total of 1 minute each video would be in increments of 15 seconds. Once the video is finished the next step would be the sound design. This is the step that we would add music and sound effects.


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