The Last Blood

short animation film


We’ve always wanted to do a cool opener for a show but we don’t have a client that are willing to pay us to do that kind of project for them since we haven’t done it before. So what’s our solution? You guessed it correctly! Spec Work!


Our Approach


The idea of this project is to make it look like we are doing an opener for an animated show. We even made a back story of this “fake” show, that the two samurai are brothers. Our inspiration for this in terms of style is Samurai Jack. We tried to make it look flat at the same time cinematic. We have also designed the title sequence like its going to be on a commercial spot on T.V.


Color Study


One of the things we did early on was to test out some colors. We created different variations of the mood of the overall video. Getting the mood correctly was important for us. It helps tell the story


The Design


We chose a design that is practical and easy to animate but still looked modern. We also made the design simple so that the viewers could focus more on the actions of the characters.

character design-01.jpg

Some Stills


Type Exploration

title-01 (1).jpg

Sketches and Style Frames


Animation Tests


Need an Explainer Video?




Plainly Simple

Creative Director

Marvin Te

Project Manager

Jerrick Mosot



Marvin Te


Ann Megg Arbotante




Marvin Te

Jay Septimo

Sound Design

Tirso Tan Jr.